I am currently running Khador and Cyriss. Last fall the guys and I made commitments to play (in Tournaments)  and paint one faction for the whole year. I chose Khador, I wanted to choose Cyriss but all the models hadn't released yet and I know me; I have no patience. In any case, when there is a painting WIP post from me chances are it will be a Cyriss or Khador model unless I am painting something for a friend. 

So this is Drago, as I stated in a previous post I love the air brush and try to paint as much of a model as I can with it. Khador has been fun to paint, I'll be posting up a lot more of my progress and try to add in the details like which colors I am using should you like the color scheme and want to try it out. 

I have a love affair with Drago, it's my favorite warjack in the game. I love the skulls, love his pose, love his stat card and love him with Vlad 1 (as usual). Oh and I love his bits, you'll see some of them on my other models specifically the chain of skulls.

So before I describe what colors I've been using let me say this... As of last year I try to paint all my models exclusively with Vallejo Model Air paints (with some exceptions). Reason why, its easier for me to keep track of. I find when I use three to four different brands of paint I have a difficult time matching the models. I've said before my time is limited, so anything that helps simplify things is good for me. 

So I've been priming black then basing the model with Model Air - Hull Red. I spray from the top hitting the front and back of the model. Then I'll go under in the darker areas and spray the armor plates only. For my primary red, I've been using Model Air - Scarlet Red. When sprayed on the hull red it gives such a nice contrast; the Scarlet is vibrant and pops. I hit the spiked shoulder plates, the axes and the stacks with Model Model Air - German Grey as a base coat which I eventually highlight up using lighter greys. That's as far as I've gotten with Drago.... More to come!

Side Note - I've been painting for a couple years now and still consider myself a rookie, Dave (Brisbane) has been instrumental in my hobby life most of what I do is a result of a lesson from him. That said I've seen the incredibly great painters there are out there in this community (including you Dave), please feel free to comment and give me pointers and suggestions; I will use them! If you have any questions, please comment!

Thanks for reading!