I finished school today after a very long but satisfying year. A year made even more satisfying considering that it was heralded with the news that Michael Gove was removed as the Education Secretary, much to the delight of many a teacher here in the United Kingdom. 

Upon returning home I got some even better news via the Oldhammer Community. Bryan Ansell has informed us that Kev 'Goblinmaster' Adams is going to be producing a special model to celebrate this year's Bring Out Your Lead. It appears that there will be about one hundred castings made of this special figure available on the day.

Here's the full quote:

From Bryan Ansell:
Kevin Adams has kindly offered to sculpt a special Oldhammer Goblin for the event. He is pushing the putty as I speak. Assuming we get it cast up on time everyone will get a free one on the day. We will cast up a hundred and probably sell any leftovers off.

Well I am looking forwards to seeing what Kev produces for us and would like to publicly thank Kevin for contributing to our community in this way, as indeed I would like to thank Bryan and Marcus Ansell for casting them up for us. 

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!