The heavy hitters of the Vraksian renegades are closing in on ‘table-top ready’ status. Most of this week’s attention has been on the Ogryns, but I’ve been working on a few other things too.

So here’s the Ogryns, which as of now are about 90% done. All that is left to do on them is a bit more metalwork, highlights on the clothing and some nice gory blood effects.

The power weapon is the first item I’ve added GW’s glazes to. I bought some Guilliman Blue (mainly to meet a £10 minimum card spend) the other week. It’s an interesting medium, and has given me an idea for some blue-tinted silver Chaos Space Marines. Here, I’ve added a few layers around the power conduits on the weapon head, to show it is powered up.

I’m also really happy with these head trophies on the Ogryn Boss, which were painted to look like dead flesh. I used an old WD tutorial for undead skin, and it’s worked wonders. I plan to add some blood effects to the neck stumps.

Alongside the Ogryns is this model, which is complete. It’s a Rogue Psyker, and is model which I’ve had for a while now leftover from the original Vraks army. It started off as a Cryx solo model (‘Gunslinger’ comes to mind when I try to remember the name), but received a Vraks torso. Having pulled this model from the spares bin, I decided to swap out the mutated arm for a normal human one, holding a modified MP40 SMG (Laspistol).

It’s been painted to have a flowing leather coat, with crude chaotic sigils and icons across the trim. This, with the arm posing, helps make a cool looking addition to either a renegade squad or my command unit.

Speaking of command units, Arkos of Faithless is almost done. I’ve painted it up as a Dark Angel, with some hints at the Alpha Legion. The armour was tinted with Guilliman Blue, and small scale patterns have been added do the larger open spaces of the model.

A bone-coloured hydra also graces the right shoulder pad.

And to finish off, here’s some slight progress on the Malcador. It’s been stripped down and rebuilt, and is ready for conversion work. The majority of the magnetising is done on the basic frame: the sponsons, rear fuel canisters and the Inferno Gun are all mag’d up. I’ve made a small start on the other variants, beginning with the front of the new hull.

Next up for this army is hopefully some more troops. I like the Workers Rabble for its cheapness, but I’ve not had much luck with them, so I am tempted to replace them with either a basic platoon or another Armoured Fist squad. We shall see in time.