I finished up the Rangers last night so took a group shot of all the Rangers. I have one more I might paint up if I have time but I think they are looking pretty cool. I might change the one guy who has the bone colored rifle just to match him up, I originally wanted to mix and match the second squad a little more but toned down rifles and gray cloaks became the standard haha..
 Finished up this guy and I'm pretty happy with the blends on him. I added a tattoo on his face and did a few more highlights on his cloak.
 His main color add was an Orange.. my Son is all about orange so I figured I'd add that in there for at least one of them 8)
 A little better shot of the tat..
 Wanted to keep the purple color going through so used that on his helm, armor and straps.
 Some more could have been done but I think it's pretty decent were he sits.. or stands actually 8)

 Worked in greens on this guy and I'm really happy with the look of the blends.. the green really has a nice look with the other colors..
 The green and leather look pretty darn cool together if I say so my self..

 I added some leaves on their bases and took some pics with assorted terrain.. I wanted them to have a cool group look..  I rarely get any group shots so figured if I was going to do I might as well do it right ..

Now everyone can have a break of seeing Rangers in progress .. at least for a little while haha..