A trio whole mass of loosely-related posts from the past couple of days that could be interesting.

Kent suggested someone might like to set up a forum for ancient and modern fantasy literature, John Till and I have been pondering the absence of recent, mainstream literary fiction in tabletop gaming, and Dr Bargle reached Axmoor, a place in a Fighting Fantasy gamebook that's got us both thinking about what else the game world of Titan could be.

Which reminds me of a fourth thing, these space minotaurs by Obscure Creator, which could work in 40K and far beyond, maybe on bases like these. And if you feel the magic in that mythology, take a look at the minotaur RPG The Clay That Woke by Paul Czege.

On the theme of crossover then, let's just go crazy: Space Cow Smith has been posting sculpts for 15mm wargaming that work well as Orks and Squats, the reviews here and here suggest the newly-released Dwimmermount mixes up the more standard genres, and Charles Akins is running an underdark wargame by blog tomorrow morning, which, being Thursday, also means the next episode of the adventure by blog Bujilli's Sojourn.