I finished up Candy and started working on some of the other Malifaux models that I need to wrap up. I added some more blending to her and cleaned up some of the details. I worked on her face a little more and smoothed out some of the skin tones on her. Still not 100% happy with her face but it is what it is..
 I added in some white ruffles to her top and blended the dress a little more. There wasn't too much left to do with her..
 Since I was working with skin tones and really wasn't going to be at the table for long I figured I would just work down the line on models that needed their skin tones touched up. Once being Pandora..
 I smoothed out her leg, chest, hands and face but I still need to add in the fine details for her eyes and eyebrows. There is some over painted areas of green on her eyes that is bugging me. Hope it doesn't lead to another Candy situation haha..  I think their faces look ok but not great. Candy is small so maybe that's whats bugging me.
 I also need to finish the leather and box for Pandora plus the energy which I want to look like what makes up her ghosties..

Another on of the models I blended her skin tones. I want to get these outcasts does as soon as I finish Pandora and her crew ..