Here's a bit of a random throwback - my old Orlock Necromunda gang. And when I say old - I mean it...I started playing Necromunda when it was initially released back around '95 (jeez...almost 20 years ago...) and had the plastic Orlacks that came in the boxed set - which I added to over time with the metal minis.

I remember these minis coming to uni with me around 2000, but then lost them in many student house moves, until an old friend mentioned that he had them a few months ago.

I was trying to get the gang into shape for an upcoming Necromunda campaign at my LFGS, but failed miserably, so didn't get around to entering. Annoyingly though, because of the timescales, I decided to only paint them to a basic tabletop level - but it turns out that I didn't use them anyway, so I could have probably spent more time on them...

The Gang Leader (aka Beric)
The gang is loosely based on the Brotherhood without Banners from Game of Thrones; a gang of outlaws who protect the smallfolk of the hive. Obviously in Necromunda they wouldn't be knights though - so I painted them up as a biker gang. To give them more of a theme, I painted flames (because of the link to the Red Priest) onto their leathers.

And the Brotherhood isn't complete without The Red Priest himself; Thoros.

 A Wyrd (aka The Red Priest; Thoros)

One of the Heavies (aka Anguy)
I made all the bases myself, from random bits and card, to try and give it more of an urban look, although again, I'm annoyed I didn't spend a bit more time fleshing them out with a bit more rubble/debris.
The Gangers

Anyway - hope you like and I hope I one day get round to having a game with them.

The Juves