Last night I finished up the Lilith Crew and did a little on my Pandora Crew since I had the same colors out. I'm happy with how Lilith came out for the time spent and now I have two crews ready to move off the table. I figured I'd take a picture of them together before I drop Lilith off at Chucks. After painting the crew it's made me want to get one myself.

 I finished up the details on Lilith and did a few touch ups here and there. After finishing and clearing, I added some Tamiya Trans Red to the blades to simulate gore.
 Added a bit of grass to the bases to give it a little extra looks..

 I did a bit detailing work on Pandora but she really go use more. Down the road I'll probably go back and add some more to her but for now I'm satisfied. 8)

So tonight I'll be getting in a game or two, one will be a game to teach some one new to Malifaux how to play and then if time permits a game in with Pandora. I've played neither of these crews yet so would be cool either way just to see them in action!