TJ here with an update on my recent DIY project; a budget Hell Blade made from bits and home made wings. Let's take a look at this monster.

Since my army is full of insane daemons and crazy beasts, I wanted this flyer to follow that theme! I need to do a ton of work but for the moment, I just wanted to show this monster off, talk about how it got here and maybe even solicit ideas.

So far, the face is made from a tyranid warrior mouth bit and a chaos daemon prince shin guard. I like the evil dragon/ carrion beast look it lends, though I may scrape off the rivets which kind of look like eyes.

I added some intakes from the Warp Talon jump packs.

The arms are mostly not set in place yet and at least one needs a wrist and thumb reversal, but I like the creepy, multi armed look!

The autocannons are basic for the moment but will be getting some evil treatments, maybe daemon faces, maybe not.

As the project rolls along, I plan to add some jets to the back and work on the creepy underbelly of this predator! As always, feedback and comments are both welcome and encouraged!