Happy new year guys! It’s been another very busy few weeks for me with the holidays and work on the run up. I did have some time off though and have been a hobby fiend while my GF has been ill with the flu. Main highlights have been building, basing, magnetising and spraying a whole high elf army! Doing a quick elite army to get me a gaming army for 2015 after the ogres disappear. There’s no way ill get the empire up and ready for tournaments this year thanks to my wedding and personal stuff this year so Im going to do a quick gaming high elf army :) excited by this project!

I have also built a unit of 8 maneaters for the OrcOgres which will be my final unit for the army. Really think this unit will look awesome and should be finished by the end of next week :) 

Also going to the Sheffield slaughter at the end of January and have been painting and building scenery for this (see below). Basically I have made 4 garden of Morr themed woods (trees will be magnetised down). Garden of Morr is now fully painted too!

Anyway I will be doing another post next week on my Sheffield Slaughter list and some build up along with more pics of the scenery and army I will be bringing!