Knight Models have put up pre-orders for the Batman Mini Game rulebook along with some stunning exclusive minis. To go with this, Beasts of War have a load pf preview pages from the book for you to check out.

The standard version of the book comes with a very nice Alfred Pennyworth model if ordered before Feb 15th. But, there is another version.....

A limited edition Joker rulebook! A 500 copy run that comes with an alternate cover (maybe more?) and  a Joker Red Hood instead of Alfred. This is the criminal that became the Joker we all know today.

A closer look at the Joker and Alfred models shows that they look fantastic. Knight have also confirmed that the Red Hood and Penny One WILL come with game rules!

In the page previews is a new gang equipment section. But this shows a lot of gangs not released yet.
Scarecrow, Mr Freeze (Yay!), Court of Owls, Wonderland, Green Arrow and Organised Crime. These should give you some ideas about what models are coming in the future. So many goodies!!!!!!

Another shot from the book, shows what could be future Gotham MDF scenery. Those buildings are impressive and I'm loving the monorail.

Downtown Gotham not your thing? How about a visit to Arkham Asylum?

Head over to the Knight Models Page if you want to grab one of these pre-orders.

I will leave you with some more page previews.

- Hendybadger