Hey all!  My army of Jawas have been working hard and I present to you the first fruits of their labors...

32mm Scenic Resin Bases!

This first set from the new Jawa Forge is based on a crystaline cron tomb world.  Crystals of various sizes are jutting up from the charred earth, some broken, some standing tall.  There are a variety of grades of gravel for you to paint, and one is even accented with a long forgotten skull!

This set of five bases are the new GW standard 32mm scale. These bases will be coming with most new GW box sets in the future as evidenced by the new Blood Angels Tactical squad and the Deathstorm boxset. So you might as well get a head start and start rebasing your army now!

As I find time I will paint some up in different colors to show you more variety.  These finely crafted resin bases are available now for 5.99 per set of five. The new Necrons are coming... BE READY!

I will have these crystaline bases available in all GW base sizes very soon including the new ones!

I also have two new variety of my classic broken rock coming. One is more of a smooth exposed rock, and one is a more jagged broken rock. They will mesh seamlessly to add more variety to your army.

If the interest is there, I will also create another set of five 32mm Crystaline bases.

More to come!