Just as I started to sort out some painting for my Batman minis from Knight Models, a challenge appeared.
Drew in the Arkham City Limits Facebook group has started the Arkham Dozen challenge.
A way for a group of people to keep each other motivated while having fun and getting some painted minis on the table.

The Arkham Dozen challenge is 12 Batman Game minis over 12 months. Minimum of one finished model a month. If everyone finished before that, another batch will start.
My initial choices are......

 Arkham Batman and Arkham Robin. A 200 Rep starter gang.

 Arkham Joker, Arkham Harley and two clowns. Another 200 Rep starter gang to face Batman.

Speedy, Green Arrow and Black Canary. 260 Rep (not quite legal) gang.

Nyssa al Ghul, Origins Deathstroke and a Ninja. 260 Rep to face Team Arrow.

The VERY rough base coats are down and I think I'm going to go with the well known schemes on all models. I haven't painted in a very long time so don't want to go for anything too adventurous to begin with.
The selection may change as the challenge goes on depending on releases. If something appears that I prefer it will make its way to the front of the queue.

I will keep the blog updated with the progress as I go.

Right, back to the painting table.

- Hendybadger