So next weekend is the Sheffield Slaughter 2015! It's my first non Scottish tournament and the furthest I've travelled for dice and banter :) Scott and I are going down early on the Friday to make the most of the trip and weekend. We've lined up a few games against Steve Wren and Matt Watkinson which will be ace!

This is also the last march of the OrcOgres, they go on to their new home straight after and the custody of Steve Follows. Going to be sad to see them go but I'm sure Steve will use them loads (probably more than me!) so chuffed with that! Really looking forward to meeting a lot of the people I have spoken to on twitter these past years! Please come say hello, I'll be the Scottish Idiot with the silly green ogres!

I'm also taking part in the Bad Dice EndTimes mega triumph n treachery game and I'm using Valten so I'll need to get him painted up to play with. Will be fun doing a single character miniature this week!

So for my final run out with the fatties and in a super competitive english event I decided to bring the filth and take a tough list:

Slaughtermaster: Armour Of Destiny; Dispel Scroll; Iron Curse Icon; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Beasts; great weapon 375

Bruiser: Talisman Of Preservation; Warriorbane; ironfist; battle standard; Lookout Gnoblar 189
Butcher: Hellheart 150

9 Ironguts: Standard Of Discipline; Gutlord; Bellower; standard bearer 432
8 Ogres: Bellower; standard bearer 260

4 Mournfang Cavalry: heavy armour; ironfists; Bellower; standard bearer 300
8 Leadbelchers: Bellower 354

Ironblaster 170
Ironblaster 170

2,400 points