Faun Woman WIP – Part 2


Two days of working more or less only on the lovely Faun Woman and she’s coming along quite well this far in. I’ve almost finished her skin, only some clean up some glazes to make it a bit more smooth left but I’ve been considering adding some spots on her skin. It’s something that I think can add quite a lot to a miniature if it’s done right, Massive Voodoo has a pretty good tutorial about it (link below).

At first I decided not to paint her clothes in the colors Origen used on the box art for her but for some reason I started seeing her as an Irish Faun and then I think the green will work well with the red hair I’m planning for her and her pale, pinkish skin.

The green is just in the beginning phase this far and it came out darker in the photo then it is irl.







As I wrote in my last post, me and two friends from the club headed over to a new gaming club and played some games of the new Warzone game. I didn’t play myself but I watched three demo games and the game seems better then I expected. They only used the basic rules for these demo games so it was pretty simplistic but most of the rules seemed pretty good and balanced. I’m not a huge fan of skirmish or slightly bigger then skirmish games, I find that they usually have to many rules per unit and the combo chasing (like Malifaux) just isn’t for me.

With that said, I’m still somewhat curious about this game and I’m considering ordering a starter box later on but I’m going to read through the rules and see if it is something for me or not.

The miniatures we got to see were all pretty nice looking, there were some that seemed a bit less heavy on the details but there were also some that had great, crisp details.

No matter if I start playing it or not, I’m definitely going to keep my eyes on it to see how it progresses and I hope it will get a good player base.



Massive Voodoo Spots Tutorial 

Prodos Games, Warzone Resurrection 

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