Faun Woman WIP – Part 3


Today has been spent watching bad movies and painting. I’m still working on the Faun woman and I’m trying to get her finished this week (and actually make a base for Gokan so I’ll get him finished). I started the leather parts and I’m almost done with them, just need to add some more colors and a bit more highlighting. The green parts are also coming along, I’ve been adding some more highlights today but I think I need to go even lighter on them.




I got some clay in the mail today so I can try to make my own bricks and to bulk out bases a bit better. I went with an air drying DAS clay which should work well. I made a test run on making bricks but I couldn’t find anything better then a kitchen knife to cut them with and that didn’t go very well so I’m going to check if either of my parents have something better for that. Maybe letting it dry a bit before cutting could help, hmm I have to try that tomorrow.


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