Wow what a weekend at the slaughter! First off huge thanks to Chris, Rob and all other helpers for running the event. It went super smooth from draw to rounds timings, everyone was incredibly nice and was amazing to meet so many people whom I had spoken to on the internetz these past few years! Also big thanks to my opponents and all those who voted for me in painting, was super happy to get 2nd with so many great armies there! Was super chuffed to get best ogre (yes there were only 2 of us!) since it was my last ever event with them and I have never won that award :)

I tried to take a lot of photos (196 it appears!!) so you will have a deluge to have a look through. Most of my games were pretty fast so I could get around to look around and see what was going on. Overall gaming wise I think the “filth” level was pretty high to extreme. A lot has been said about the filth of endtimes but really I played 3 of the top 10 and it came down to skill and knowledge that they beat me on not their characters. In fact playing against Imirik my list had the upper hand and I was lucky to win in the end! I would say however in a lot of cases some things were taken which were not in the spirit of the game and some armies were questionably modelled/themed.

Will try to go through the games as best I can, really such a busy weekend and was amazing to speak to so many people over the weekend!

So Friday Scott and I drove down and got there for a couple of games with Steve Wren and Matt Watkinson. Was brilliant to meet Steve and play against his Empire. Genuinely one of the best armies I have ever seen in person, some of the effects (white marbling on the war altar was incredible) and the conversions/unit fillers were outstanding. You could spend ages (which I did) looking at it an not notice all the little details and impressive additions. We played a really fun game and Steve smashed me up 20-0 (really should have taken that army to the actual event!!). Top bloke and was great catching up on his progress with his crazy 4 daemon prince list!

Next up I played Matt Watkinson who was probably Scott and my best buddy over the weekend, we hung out at every opportunity and exchanged tales of woe (Scott and I) and glory (Matt!). Matt brought a really cool Mannfred Undead Legion list which was really cool to see in action. I could really tell straight off the bat that Matt was super switched on and knew what he was doing and he also crushed me 20-0 lol. Great game again and really learned loads! Vampires dont seem to be taken much in Scotland so it was cool to see some very different lists in use!

Saturday morning I had Daniel Storer with his dark elves/Host of the Eternity King list. Was a really cool game but I think my list and experience with Ogres (leadbelchers ftw) paid off and I got a big win. 20-0

Next up I played Mark Wildman with his beautiful Imirik Eternity king list. On paper this looked great for me getting the first turn in meeting engagement with two cannons and amber spear! Game went really well for me except for a few missed/failed to wound cannon balls but the leadbelchers came good and fired a frightening barrage at Imirik (70+ shots in two turns). Mark definitely out played me but my GutStar took down Imirk and his bunker netting me a big win and his fortitude after he misfired purple sun through my gutstar. 13-7

Next up I played Luke Morton and his super filthy Legions of Chaos list. Luke was really great guy and even ignoring his list he would have beat me on tactics and my mistakes alone. Add in Kairos and super tough army I really stood no chance, losing 20-0 but it was nice to meet Luke and we had a good game :) 0-20

Day 2 I had Declan Walters with his Dwarfs who received my best sports for being such a gent with his terrible dice and my super awesome rolls (must be something to do with being a dwarf player....). Unfortunately there was not much he could do I my ogres out shot his dwarfs and I won the game decisively. 17-3

Next I played Chris Mince and his undead legions, absolutely loved this game and Chris was awesome to play. Learned loads playing against him and have a new appreciation of how to use and play against Undead! The outcome was never in doubt here as Chris was definitely the best play I played all weekend. Super nice guy and a really cool non filthy Legion list!! 0-20

My last game was against Luke Whitehead (#WeeBoy). Just gonna come out and say it, I lost big to the wee boy, forever shame on me 4-16.

Overall I came 62nd and got best ogre in process. Really loved the event and couldn’t recommend it more! Thank again to everyone I spoke to, it really made it an amazing weekend! Two more blog posts to follow with more pictures of the best armies and another with miscellaneous pictures from the event :)