Any self-respecting Chaos Space Marine player knows that spikes are a key visual theme to the army. Spike racks, spiked shoulder-pads, spiked trim, everything is pointy. But what if you want a more subtle way of displaying the theme on your tanks, without resorting to oversized (and easily breakable) trophy racks? Today, I’ve found the answer.

You may recognise these tracks from a previous series: they are Blood and Skulls Industry’s Oppressor pattern, which looked perfect on the Chaos Spartan. But these are the smaller pattern 00 set, which are designed for the smallest of Chaos tank classes, the Rhino and its siblings. They will also work on the Chimera series with some work, but today I’m focusing on their main role.

A set will cost you £5.99 before shipping, and for that you get two sets of track links (left and right), enough to replace the standard plastic links from any Rhino based tank kit. You get a variety of short, medium and long track sections, as well as two sprues of single links.

The quality has vastly improved from last time I worked with an Oppressor set. The tracks now have little pin-link holes, and much crisper details. The resin is also less shiny and there are no warped parts. There were a couple of bubbled links, but the kit comes with more than enough spares for such occasions.

Since the tracks are similar to the GW plastics (in that they have a left and a right-side set) they fit onto the tank with no extra work, in the same way that the plastic ones would. I did need to trim a few links to get them to go under the armoured panels at the back on this test tank, but apart from that they are a simple swap-job.

The spikes are smaller and shallower than on the bigger sets, which is great in two ways. Firstly, it won’t stab through your foam/boxes as easily, and secondly; it won't stab through you as easily.

To sum up, this set is perfect for chaos players (and radical Imperialists alike). You could easily use these to represent the Destroyer Blades upgrade, or just as a striking visual element in what will be an amazing war machine of evil.