Narok WIP – Part 3

Insomnia struck again yesterday so I had some time to kill that was spend working on Narok. I finished his skin and started painting the metal parts, they need a bit more highlighting and I need to fix his hair and start on his right hand and the sword. After that I just need to get started on his base.



Harlequin’s Part 3

So the last products went up for pre-order this last Friday, the Codex, the transport/gun ship and dice, cards etc. There has also been a couple of good leaks the last day or two. The first ones were the Relics, some equipment and their psychic powers. Then yesterday we got to see some photos of the Shadowseer, Death Jester and the formations, unfortunately they were in Italian but the formations have been translated and I’m waiting for someone to translate the characters as well.

The equipment and Relics were quite good and they fit the theme of the army. The psychic powers offers some well needed help to survive before you can charge. Veil of Tears made a come back and it’s the primaris power and there’s a couple of pretty good damage dealing powers as well. All-in-all I’m quite happy with them.

The relics also look pretty good on paper and offers both some good weapons and equipment with the Mask of Secrets as my favorite. It gives the bearer Fearless and all enemy units within 12” suffers -2 Ld.

The formations that has been translated seems to be really, really good and offers some very unique abilities that sounds almost to good. You can manipulate when the game ends, extra movement after the game ends etc. I expect seeing a lot of internet whining about them when the Codex is out.

I’m still not 100% decided if I’m going to play them or not. I’m definitely going to try them out to see if it’s worth getting them painted and if the leaks are true they will have a unique playing style which I would welcome.

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