Fans of Gotham! The Penguin is making his move on the Batman Miniatures Game!
An exclusive preview is up in the new Wayland Games Blog.

Oswald Cobblepot is joining the game as a Penguin Leader and an Organised Crime Sidekick.

Check out the Wayland Blog and let us know what you think.

From Le Collectionneur in the comments here and the Arkham City Limits group we have the rules!!!!!

Penguin (Gotham)
70 Rep 0 $ Leader - Penguin / Sidekick - Organised Crime

Will 7 STR 5+ 1 Mov 3 Att 3 def 6 End 3 Speed
Weapons - Knife and Umbrella
Traits - Luck, Mob, Persuasive, Scheming/2, Distract, Strategist, Cruel
Special Rules - Boss's Orders (2SC): Once per round,all Henchmen in this character’s crew within 20cm of this charcater gain +1 to hit rolls in close combat attacks (the henchmen need to have the same affiliation that the boss).
Survivor: When this character receives enough damage to become a Casualty, don’t remove him from the game, roll a die instead, on a result of 5+ this character removes 1 damage marker and continues in play (Knocked Down and remove the Actions Counters normally for damage accumulation), if not the character becomes a casualty normally

- Hendybadger