This week has seen the motorpool for my RT era marines increase by a few vehicles, including one of the first conversions any 90s marine player will remember fondly.

First up there are a trio of Rhinos, are they now considered a herd? One green one that has been slightly nurgled that will get restored for my devastators, a yellow/brown one to be modded up and altered for another squad and a black one who will most likely be the subject of a big conversion but that's still not confirmed.

Next we have a weekends worth of work (in between baby feeds and moving two ton of top soil in by bucket) we have the old RT era 60mm base whirlwind. One of my first ever big conversions and its nice to be doing it again.

I love the whirlwind and just hope I can save where the paint has crackled slightly during spraying.

So the motorpool has increased in size and brings us nicely to the end of my penultimate post on the models I have sourced. More details on plans next week but it looks like now things can finally move on.