Hi everyone,

My next unit for Dystopian Wars are the Callimachus Time Orbs.  These time warping and teleporting behemoths of the COA are the pet project of Lord Leonidas.

They are without a doubt one of the most characteristic units in a COA army, but once again, I have never used them well.  I have two as you can see in the picture.  I bought them at a 50% sale from Firestorm Games a few years back.  I have never fielded more than one in any game, but I decided to paint them both up at the same time.
I decided to go with a more sober camo-scheme with these ships.  First of all, they are the brainchild of scientists - so a dose of seriousness was in order here. Also they are large capitol class ships, unlike my smalls which I give a more fanciful colour pattern.  
I want to talk about how I did the water effects for the Callimachus bases.  The bases were first painted a dark blue and blended in with light blues.  Then I added Vallejo'sAtlantic Blue water effects on the ridges o the wave sculpting.

The next step was to mix up some snow powder I bought from my hobby store (the brand is not important) and I mixed it up with some heavy gel gloss medium and applied several layers after letting the previous dry.

The final touch was to paint fine white dots along the ridges just to accentuate the foam and spray.  Overall I think the effect is cool.
Next week I will post up the latest unit I have finished for my COA - that is the mighty Fresnels.  Until then farewell and good health.