Malfunction, Italians and Paint-a-long

Unfortunately my computer is not playing along at the moment so until that’s fixed I won’t be able to post as much as I would like.

Paint-a-long: Steam Punk

After some debating with myself back and forward I’ve decided to join in on another CMoN Paint-a-long, this time the theme is steam punk. A bunch of the other people who has entered will enter Jessica Thunderbird bu Scale 75 and I’m entering her as well. I’m not 100% I’ll get her finished in time but I’ll do my best.

I really like the miniature and it’s going to be fun to try one of Scale 75’s miniatures.

WW2 Italians

To clear my head a bit I decided to actually paint something usable in a game so I’m speed painting my WW2 Italians for Bolt Action. Washes and dry brushing all the way. They won’t win a beauty contest but for gaming they’ll be fine.

This batch are all from Perry.



CMoN Paint-a-long Thread


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