All right!  Some fun with glazing, just in time for Reapercon classes!

Let's get things started with some fish dudes...

And bring out some handy wash colors.  We have a fun selection of Secret Weapon washes on the right, and a few Vallejo washes on the left.

The miniature is not completely white, but I did much less action with the shaded basecoat.  I wanted to do as much with glazing as possible.  Since this is all about the glazing class, I need to get much deeper into the various elements right away!

The colors arrayed on the palette.

I started adding glazes to the base, darkening the edges a little more, and using sepia around the bottom section...

Here's another base.  I am trying to create a bit of a spotlight effect, almost as if a diver is shining a light on the sea floor.

I took some of the green Secret Weapon wash... adding a touch of the cool grey.  This is just an initial layer, one that will be built upon several times with additional glazes.

Some of the very bright blue was mixed with the cool grey, and I started to darken the carapice and fins.

Keep in mind, I am pushing this much more than normal.  Typically the color would already by here via the Shaded Basecoat.

Another darker layer is added...

Looking at the other side of the figure, prior to these darker shades, illustrates the difference.

In the next series, I will be working in 'regular' paint colors into the dark areas, plus mixing light colors together with the glazes.

I want to demonstrate that semi-transparent light color scenario which you see me use so often on my own minis.  Stay tuned!