Working from my experience of last year's Reapercon, I learned that I could use the time before and after classes in the Main Hall to supplement what was done during those classes.

Time is always too short, and it seemed like continuing the lessons downstairs would give folks a way to apply what they had just been taught in a more controlled and supervised environment.

A number of "spot demos" and other learning events took place in the tables spread out through the Main Hall.  Since Reaper works so hard to have power at each of those tables, it makes this prospect even easier!!

In this example, we tried to examine a new take on the fire giantess, exploring the advantages of the Shaded Basecoat.

We grabbed a few paint colors from the rack, and set about turning our semi Shaded Basecoated figures into "Baberogs"... creatures made of lava.  Like a Balrog.

It didn't take long to reverse course and start adding very light colors.  These would be the base of the hottest areas.

A new Wappellian (and fellow baseball fan), does some very nifty brushwork on his giantess, which you will get a better look at later on.

While we didn't have the fluorescent paints, the Reaper clear colors helped us to create some nice translucent heat effects.

This would plant some seeds for future possibilities.

Work continues on both the base and the figure, getting darker each time.

Side by side!  The hair, lava and weapon are really taking shape!

Mine, on the left, is going to get a number of glazes.  We felt that leaving the other giantess with its existing cooler colors on the armor on other areas would be a neat experiment.

Check this out!  I was amazed to see the Giantess reappear the next day with this spectacular cracked lava skin tones!  Incredible idea.

Notice how the chunks of lava vary in size and intesity, and how they were made to look a bit like tribal tattoos.  That touch was simply pure genius!

This is why I tell every class that I learn as much from you, and why I love these post-class soirees!!

During the Glazing class, we experimented with a few of the Reaper clear colors.  I had only seen the Red clear, which I had used in blood effects.

Just a few moments of testing the clears made me think that much more exploration was required.  I asked the folks in the class if they would like to have a class based on these very interesting pigments.

The vote was unanimous, so I am hoping to put together some neat elements for a class in 2016!!

The class also joined me in my quest to have a new liner paint created.  We all made the sad puppy faces at Anne the paint alchemist, and she agreed to take a look.

It turned out to be a very fun challenge for her, and thus a new liner will be joining the other amazing pigments.  Yay!!!