You may have noticed recently that this blog and my posts on Wayland have been a bit quiet.
This is due to that 'real life' thing happening and not having much free hobby time over the past few weeks. Everything should be back on track by next week hopefully though.

But, last week I received my goodies from the Impudent Mortal Kickstarter and a lovely building from Multiverse Gaming. (reviews coming son)
When I had a little spare time, I sat down with a knife, some PVA and a HUGE box of laser cut MDF and ended up with this!
Board number 2, the Industrial District.

It's going to take a while to get this all painted but what do you think of it all so far?
(sorry for the dodgy pics. They were all taken on a mobile)

Joker and Batsy meet once again at Smiley's (Ace) Chemicals
Speedy takes up position on the new Multiverse building.
Bane and Clayface fight it out at Star Tech (Labs)
Team Arrow appear from underneath the Factory Club (Verdant)

Wayne Enterprises ship into this area often.
Harley and Mr J join Scarecrow and Clayface.
Robin arrives in the Batwing
Joker's clowns cover the walkways, skylights and water towers.
Batman and his team take up base in Verdant.

- Hendybadger