Howdy folks!

This time around we have a duo of Blood Bowl teams done, dusted, and ready for the pitch! Really enjoyed this commission, especially the Lizardmen as I own the models myself and really want to get mine painted now! Let's walk through the teams.

First is the Lizardmen. The models come from Impact Miniatures, and are gorgeous little models, especially the Skinks! Consisting off 8 skinks, 6 saurus, and are Kroxigor, this is are team to be reckoned with! The client wanted the team themed around Texas A&M, which is a great compliment to the green of the alligators.  I've only had a chance to play with them on the computer, but Lizardmen are a brutal team to play. The skinks rival the Elves in terms of speed and agility, while the saurus and Kroxigor give them the hitting ability of orcs! Look out for them!

The Pro Elves come from Willy Miniatures I believe, and the team consists of 8 blockers, 2 catchers, 2 throwers, and 2 Wardancers. This team was themed around Keanu Reeve's movie the Replacements, and the colors flow really nicely. Elves were always the bane of my Orcland Raiders due to their speed, and this team should be no exception!

Whew! Loved working on this commission, but it's time to get back to the Grimdark future of the 41st Millennium! Next up is a detachment of Salamanders Drop Pods, followed by the sons of Ferrus Mannus!