Today we have a guest post from my friend Steffen. A look at some of the Multiverse Gaming terrain. Click on the images to view at full size.
Steffen, over to you ....... (Hendybadger)

I have recently fallen in love with Multiverse GamingTerrain and their amazing products. I started off with their CornerApartment Building and loved it, so I decided to get some more of their stuff. Ian aka Hendybadger graciously allowed me to post a review of some of this stuff, so today I'm showing you my Old Diner and Aircon Ducts.

Old Diner
The diner is an amazing kit at its low, low price of just €17.99. It consists of three sheets of 1.5mm thick HDF and a sheet of "matte board" which is like laser cut card.

The details are very crisp, and everything I've ever bought from Multiverse Gaming Terrain has been ridiculously well cut. The parts need next to no cutting in order to remove them from the sprues, which is a huge plus from me. There's nothing worse than an MDF kit that's almost impossible to remove from the sprues.

It took me a little less than an hour to assemble this gorgeous kit. The roof and doors are removable for practical reasons, as this allows your models to enter the diner (though it's unfurnished inside).

Something I really like is the choice you get with the corners. You get two lengths of matte board - a long one for making enclosed corners, and a short one for making windowed corners. Since I knew I wanted to put windows made from blister pack plastic in my diner, I decided to go with the enclosed corners.

Gorgeous, isn't it? Next up I painted it (well, it took me a few weeks...). I decided to go with silver and blue for the main colors, inspired by my local diner in Minneapolis - the Nicollet Diner. I went with grey tones for the walls and roof.

I love the rooftop sign. I'm going to write "The Nicollet" on the white area when I find a suitable pen to do it with. I will also add a red "open/closed" sign in the window on the door. Looking back, I may have gone overboard with the dirt on the windows, but at least you can't see that there's no detail inside, not that it matters in my games of Batman Miniature Game.

Here's a few action shots of Green Arrow, Mr. Zsasz, and a Bane henchman from the Batman Miniature Game duking it out.

Aircon Ducts
Unfortunately I somehow managed to not take any pictures of my aircon ducts before assembling them, but here's an unpainted picture.

As you can see they consist about 50/50 of HDF and matte board, which keeps cost and weight down. They feel highly durable.

In this €9.99 kit you get two long straights sections, two short ones, two T-junctions, and eight corner sections.

All of the corner sections have a side with four peg holes (so you can turn them any way you want). Four of them have two peg holes, and the other four have two pegs. This allows you to create endless configurations of aircon duct systems.

Here's an example setup where I've used almost all of the pieces.

Finally, here's an action shot on top of a building just to give you a sense of the scale.

In keeping with Hendybadger's tradition, I'm going to award both these kits a number of Badger points.

Diner - 10/10 Badger Points

Aircon Ducts - 9/10 Badger Points