I've finally managed to move into the new place and have started setting up the new painting studio/game space.  This will be the work and play space for the next three years unless something changes dramatically.

The main game room in all its empty glory! 

Complete with its own attached bathroom.

 The sun room.  Great light.  It'll likely be the lounge.

There is a balcony with great views and a lot of space.  Likely for scheming with allies or just having a cold one outside.

The entrance to the balcony and the bedroom.

The bedroom will serve as a storage area for active projects and the walk in closet becomes a marshalling area for finished armies in their transport cases.  Storage for completed armies in their cases has become a significant issue so the dedicated space for it is a great feature

The kitchen will become the painting space which may be expanded with the addition of a desk.  Most the cabinets will help organize my tools and supplies but I'll make sure it remains an operational kitchen for snacks and light meals.  Can't go to war... even in miniature... on an empty stomach!

Hidden behind the kitchen is a space I call 'Cousin It's Closet'  this area will house legacy projects that are not currently active and some large terrain items.

I'm still waiting on my main household goods to arrive but I think I'll be able to start putting paint to the tiny models, on a limited basis, in about a week.  The dust still hasn't settled from the whirlwind trans-Atlantic move but that is....'the plan'...

... and just to full the spot where the dishwasher used to be... a small party fridge, equipped with controls that go up to 11 ... just because!