There seem to be 100s of new wargaming kickstarerters launched every month these days. But every now and then, one really stands out.
For me this time it's Integrated Wargame Buildings by Wargame Model Mods.
Some very nice modern and near future terrain.

What makes these different from all the other MDF scenery ranges out there? Lights and movement!
These buildings will really make your table stand out.

Almost every kit in the campaign have built in LED lighting available in a range of colours. If that's not enough, pieces like the Hydro Power Plant above and Satellite Dish below even have constantly moving parts.

Still not convinced? Check out the prices. The Hydro Plant and Dish look like they should be in the £50-60 bracket minimum. The Hydro Plant is £30 and the Dish only £27! These are the most expensive sets in the campaign as well!

On top of that, if you want 3 or more buildings they get even cheaper again!

Head over and check out the project HERE and let us know what you think.
Below are a few more of the kits available.

- Hendybagder