The Household goods arrived and I've been frantically unpacking the whole house.  Its going pretty well and I'm on pace to be working in the Studio again this weekend.  That'll be the fastest unpack yet!

I've been pretty motivated since the minis are here and I had to swear off working on them at all until I got the house set up... otherwise I'd look up from the painting table six months from now and realize that I was still living in the Box Palace! .... I might be OK with that but the better half would be less enamored of the idea...

I took a bunch of pictures and then realized that most of them needed serious editing to deleted  a ton of old addresses etc... so here are a couple that made it out.

The big closet where the "already been painted stuffs lives.... at least the parts that are in cases or storage bins... there are towers of other painted stuffs scattered around the game space.

Books and games... and one of the towers of painted stuffs...this is one of a couple of towers that Tabletop world fills. And just for Greggles... if you looks closely you'll see the box that contains the Gargantuan Squiggoth attempting to sneak into the shot.... not that those things are very sneaky but still!

More books some models in the queue and a couple of more towers of painted things...  the large drawers are again filled with Tabletop World the smaller drawers are armies of various game systems and singles.

And a view of the game table... although its completely buried!  The big white wall was actually a wall of boxes until I got them moved into the room of stuffs waiting to be painted... DoH!

Well that's the update... looking forward to getting this done so I can be paint paint painting again! 

Next update features miniatures!