First post for 2016 and I thought it would be nice to catch up with some old ideas I had from previous years.

I have been sitting on numerous bits, like most of you, for a long time saying to myself I want to do this and then that etc etc. Now is the time to actually do something before moving onto newer and shinier stuff like Betrayal at Calth models.

Obtaining heavy weapons tends to be expensive so I have always been on the lookout for cheaper alternatives which I can convert.

The bits I used was a vehicle Multi-Melta (can't remember which one now) with the arms and weapon body of a Grey Knight Purgatation Squad model. the tactical marine is from the assault on Black Reach box set which I have cut off the arms and one shoulder pad. Lastly the addition of a Minotaur shoulder pad from Forge World.

All I did was cut the barrel ends off both the weapons and re-attach the vehicle bits to the Purgatation Weapon body and that was it. A bit of filing and tidying up and all done.

Put all the bits together and you have a nice Heavy Weapon for your squad.

I will paint this guy up in my usual Minotaurs colour scheme and show that in the next post.