Nick speaking,

Continuing on from my previous post and the practice game I am having with my buddy Aceface on his journey to the Las Vegas Open this year, and it's time to reveal my army list!

First off all, I really want to try out a few new things with this list. I love my Necrons, but I have only been playing a few units lately, mainly because of the points needed for the Decurion, but also because, well, lets face it, the Canoptek Harvest is almost too good to not play. I usually play Wraiths and Ace knows all about them and how to deal with them, So like I said, this new list is going to be a bit different...

I am going to bolt on a Destroyer Cult Formation to the Reclamation Legion. I know that most of Aceface's Tau army has a 2+ save and this may not be the best choice, but just a side note on that. I am not making a list specifically to beat HIS army. I want the list to have elements of what I think he might see at the event, and to give him some experience of it on the table. It is just a practice game after all! Besides, I will have three Heavy Destroyers for some AP2 busting, and the two Stormsurges he has will only get their 4++ against the Destroyers.

I also want to play my Necrons a little different than I normally do on the table, I want to be ultra aggressive with them. Ten Sword and Board Lychguard with a Solar Staff Cryptek, Vargard and two Overlords with Warscythes. This unit will teleport turn one, pop the staff off and hopefully put the Tau on the backfoot. The unit will have a 3++ save, a 4+ RP roll (even with instant death thanks to Technomancer) and they get to re-roll the failed RP rolls of a one thanks to the Overlord. The unit is very survivable and has three Warscythes to boot for some decent killing power, all be it at initiative two. The other great thing about the unit is that I get to use my old Pariah models!

Lastly for the list, again, something I want to try out and should be a pain on the table! A small unit of Deathmarks for the Destroyer Lord in the Cult to deep strike in with. IF I can deep strike in during the Tau turn, then perfect. The Deathmarks can shoot, and then in my turn the Destroyer Lord is free to come away from the unit and then assault something with his Void Reaper. The Deathmarks are there as a delivery system for the Lord more than anything, but I think this little unit should combine with the Lychguard unit nicely

Right, so here is the list, this is going to be fun...

Necron Destroyer Decurion Detachment 1850pts

Reclamation Legion (508pts)

1 x Overlord/Warscythe (100)    
5 x Immortals/Gauss (85)
10 x Warriors (130)
10 x Warriors (130)
3 x Tomb Blades/Blaster/Looms/Vanes (63)

Auxiliary (390)

5x Deathmarks (90)
10x Lychguards/Sword&Shield (300)

Destroyer Cult Formation (650)

1 x Destroyer Lord/Reaper (140)
3 x Destroyers (120)
3 x Destroyers (120)
3 x Destroyers (120)
3 x Heavy Destroyers (150)
Royal Court Formation (300)

1 x Overlord/Warscythe (100)
1 x Vargard Obyron (120)
1 x Cryptek/The Solar Staff (80)


Battle report coming soon!