Hi All,

This weekend GW held its Horus Heresy weekender and lots of cool new stuff has been revealed along with a Heresy themed Golden Demon.  So I read loads of blogs, facebook groups and so on.   So I thought I would share a few links for you all so you can get a good round up of the weekender.

First up Golden Demon entries may fave is:

Pre-Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro by Drake Seta

Golden Demon Entries

Next is Seminar information from Battle Bunnies: (Amazing coverage by Lady Atia, Drak Seta and the other bunnies! Thanks all!)

Knights Errant and The Silent War

God Machines of the Mechanium

Art of the Heresy

Retribution Seminar

The Solar War Seminar

Inferno (book 7 Seminar, Prospero Burns)

New Models:

New Model Seminar

Mechanium Battle Automata

Wow a new flyer (The Stormbird)

Iron Circle (Sweet as!)

More new stuff

The new Knight!

The Latest diorama incorporating many of the new models above:

New Board

Alternative new board


Updated Legion rules

Shattered Legion and Black Shield rules

Dark Angels, Blood Angels and White Scar rules

Mastodon rules

Enjoy the newness and thinking how skint you will be!  Thanks to all the bloggers above and hope this helps your traffic!