John here and today the snow is falling outside and lighting conditions are too poor to paint. But never fear it just means more time for more comics.

Today I'm going to review two comics in one post. The main reason being they are quite short, one being only 12 pages long. But the other reason being they share a theme- Dredd the Movie. The first comic is Dredd- Top of the World, Ma Ma; an exclusive prologue to the major motion picture. Whilst the second is Dredd- Underbelly; the comic-book sequel to the critically acclaimed movies. Now lucky for us readers both comics are free to download over on the 2000 AD Website (so go treat yourself).

Lets get started:

Story: Dredd- Top of the World, Ma- Ma.
Script: Matt Smith
Art: Henry Flint
Cover Artwork by Greg Staples
So this comic is all about the fall of Madeline and the rise of Ma-Ma. For those who haven't seen the movie I highly recommend watching it. But basically Ma-Ma is the main villain of the movie, controlling the MA-MA Clan and running a huge drug ring from their Block called Peach Tree.
As the comic begins we are introduce to Madeline, a drug abusing, alcoholic, working girl. For her life seems to pass by in slow motion, living in a run down slum house, working for an abusive pimp. Madeline had no chance of escape, but that seemed to be changing, ever since she'd met Eric. Eric was a drug technician and had just created a new form of Narcotics- Slow-mo. Cheap to produce and highly addictive, this was to be their ticket out and the start of a new life for them both. Unfortunately for them Madeline's pimp Lester found out about them and paid Eric a visit.
After walking in on Lester killing Eric, Madeline's resolve finally broke. The city her pushed her too far and all she could do was fight back. After giving Lester a dose of Eric's slow-mo, Madeline asks him to call her Ma-Ma, before castrating him with her teeth and publicly dumping his body.
Sadly this is were the story ends. I could really have done with another 20-30 pages of stories. I would of love to have seen how she rose to power and took down rival gangs. But I guess that will be left to our imaginations. The story it was quick and east to read and had a great pace, without feeling rushed. The artwork was fitting and matched the feel of the movie. So overall a great quick 5 minute read.
Lena Headey brings Ma-Ma to life on the big screen.

4 out of 5

Then watch Dredd the Movie, Rotten Tomato's give it 78% rating whilst Audiences gave it a 74%.

Review for this movie will appear in the near future. But rest assured that I loved it!

Story: Dredd- Underbelly
Script: Arthur Wyatt
Art: Henry Flint

The story opens on the Cursed Earth. We watch as a group of muties get smuggled into the city, inside a false bottomed truck. As they finally arrive at their destination, all their hopes and dreams are dashed; as they are soon informed the smugglers rates have risen and gained interest and the only way to pay it off is to become apart of a slave workforce, producing a new kind of drug. Slowly the realization of their position sinks in and as fear creeps over the group, the warehouse is raided by the Justice Department. A score of perps and muties are killed in the exchanging gunfire, with the survivors being processed and lead away. At this point we see how poorly treated the muties are, as a lot of the Judges simply don't care about them. One mutie pleads to a disinterested Judge for help finding her son, but only receives a cold shoulder. It's at this point Anderson appears and questions a mutie about their missing child.
The tale rapidly progresses with Dredd arrival and he agrees to aid Anderson in her quest to find the child and shut down this mutant trafficking ring. The story ends as most do, with a big gun battle and a happy ever after finish.
Artwork was great as you would expect from Flint. The story had good pacing, but lacked on the background. I felt the villains lacked depth and focus, whilst another drugs related story seemed a bit of a cop out. I would of maybe preferred some sort of other theme for the trafficking victims, maybe household slave or illegal fight pits. But it was nice to see the city and it's outskirts broaden. I feel this is the last of these stories in this alternate MC-1, which is a shame as I would really like to see a progression.

3.5 out of 5

Well thank you for sticking with me for another review. I promise some more miniatures will be appearing soon. I might even attempt a Ma-Ma gang in the near future. As always drop me a comment below to say hi. And let me know if you've read these comics yet.