Hey everyone John here. This time I'm going to go over Imperial Armour: The Doom of Mymeara by Forgeworld. This is the 2nd Edition of the ruleset and is a beautiful, glossy hardback book valued at £50. It has a total page count of 236 pages, with a huge amount being pictures, artwork and fluff.

The book begins with a stunning artwork piece representing an Inquisitors file. The transmission contains a Betalis System Survey and shows us all the planets represented in this book. We then hit the main story which I won't go into to much details. But it's all about the Astra Imperial Guard and Space Wolves versus Craftworld Mymeara, Alaitoc and Eldar Corsairs. The story has a great range of artwork and model pictures, as well as maps and some great info to run a campaign. The story lasts for 71 pages and is quite enthralling!
You get great pages like this Dire Avenger one.
The book then breaks up into the different factions involved in the conflict. Up first is the Imperial Guard Forces;

Cadian 6th Armoured Regiment. We get a two page spread of background on this formation, followed by a special character: General Myndoras Odon (if you wish to read about him click). Then you get 13 pages of uniform guides and maintenance guides to their troops and vehicles. Basically everything you need to paint a themed force for this campaign.

Then deep striking in from the skies come the:

Elysian Drop Troops. This is an army you can only get from Forgeworld, but they are among some of the best mini's they have produced (other than the Kreig Death Korps). Sadly tho they only get 10 pages of love and no special characters. This makes me sad as I would have liked to see them get their own special character too. But we do get some lovely panels showcasing their camo schemes.
So cool!
From the sky diving bad asses, we slowly march forth with the:
Legio Gryphonicus- The War Griffons. Want to run a War Maniple of titans? Well this section is for you. Sadly only one page of fluff and a few images, but it gives you some names to work with and a paint scheme to get started with.
So cool.
It wouldn't be a 40k book without some Space Marines. So who best to play in the snow, than the feral Space Wolves of:

Bran Redmaw's Great Company. As usual they get a lot of love compared to the other imperial factions, getting a full 20 pages of fluff, images and a special character 'Bran Redmaw' a company commander who can transform into a wolf! It has a lot of character in this force but it's space marines so I will swiftly move on.
With the marines we reach the end of the Imperial Forces. It could be good fun to build a list round these guys. Maybe a CAD of Guard mixing Cadian, ground forces and Elysian, air support together. Then using an ally list of Space Wolves, would look pretty impressive.

Then we move onto my favourite part, Forces of the Eldar.
Up first Craftworld Mymeara. The main antagonist of the book, their name is the title and they get only five pages! Yes a whole five pages, this is completely sad and disappointing. I would have loved to learn more about this unknown craftworld, but it's not meant to be.

Craftworld Alaitoc. Then follows on with 4 pages. Not much is updated with their page of fluff and kind of feels like filler. Another wasted opportunity.
We then finally get some new eldar rules: The Shadow Spectres aspect shrine, long believed lost to the eldar is rediscovered along with their Phoenix Lord Irillyth, Shade of Twilight. Just imagine ghost like eldar that can pop tanks with ease. Great models which I hope to add to the collection soon.
Then we get a new Farseer Bel-Annath, Farseer of Mymeara. This guy has no model or artwork (once again missed opportunity), so your going to have to convert your own. Plus side this Farseer is pretty cool. In an earlier time he trod the path of the Fire Dragons and this comes across in his rules. Bel is armed with a fusion pistol, a witch spear called The Sundered Spear which can work like a flamer, has pyromancy powers and can take a Fire Dragon Squad as bodyguards! In all a pretty aggressive Farseer.

Then the best part of the book the Eldar Corsairs. They get a whole 34 pages including a fully formed army list. The fluff introduces us to three factions of Corsairs- 
  • Sky Raiders- Ferocious more a kin to the Dark Eldar. Suffered at the hands of the Space Wolves.
  • Sunblitz Brotherhood- Some of the best known pilots.
  • Void Dragons- One of the largest known Corsair Bands in the current timeline.
The army list is comprehensive and introduces some cool new units. This section along with The Warhost of Mymeara and the Pale Courts ( 8 pages of rules), will get covered in another post. But all I can say at the moment is.......SO COOL!!!

The last 41 pages are all about the Eldar Engines of Destruction. This section includes background and pictures of  Falcons, Fire Prisms, Night Spinners, Wave Serpents, Wraithlords and Warwalkers. Then on top of this are rules for Hornets, Lynxs, Scorpions, Cobras, Nightwings, Phoenix, Vampire Raiders, Vampire Hunters, Warp Hunters, Wraithseers, Skathach Wraithknights, Wasp Assault Walkers, Revenant titans and the crazy Phantom titans. These I hope to talk about as I get models for them. So you'll just have to wait.


This is a great book, beautiful to view and read. It has it's downfalls tho, like a lack of background on some factions and I would like to have seen character models as well. But as an eldar player this is a must have book. So well worth the price tag.

Have you read it? Are you collecting any of the armies involved I would love to hear from you.