John here with a quick update. Been unable to pick up my next Wraith installment, due to time constants. So not wanting to lose momentum, I am starting my next project. The Dire Avenger Shrine. In game terms the formation consists of 3 squads of Dire Avengers, one of which needs to be lead by an Exarch. I plan on having 3 squads of 6, so they can fit in Falcons and I need to give my Exarch a shuriken pistol and dire sword. Lucky for me I already own 15 Avengers (5 metal, 10 Plastic), so I'm only 3 models short. For this post I'm going to share part one; Stripping the Avengers.

The 2nd Edition Metal Ones.
The Plastic ones
So here is the paint job on the older models, very basic and rushed. So I have chosen to start a fresh and strip them. For this process I did a quick YouTube video, feel free to watch or skip.

So there you have it, a starting point for this new project. Hope you enjoyed and will continue to follow. The next update will be about my chosen Shrine and most likely the bases and base coat.