So following on from Part 1 Stripping, my Dire Avenger Shrine continues. This update will be all about the Shrine I plan on painting. I will show of some fluff about them and a few pictures I've found on the web. Lets begin:

The Sable Helm Shrine

The Dire Avengers Warrior Aspect can trace their origins to Asurmen, the first of the Phoenix Lords, those master warriors who lead the Eldar Aspect Warriors and who are each absolute masters of their Aspect's form of combat. Following the Fall of the Eldar, Asurmen was the Eldar who led the Craftworlds away from the ancient Eldar homeworlds at the time of the Fall and it was he who founded the first of the Aspect Shrines, the Dire Avengers, who are the most numerous of the Eldar Aspect Warriors. As a race on the brink of extinction, beset on all sides by hostile forces, many Eldar eventually walk the Path of the Warrior and take on the mantle of an Aspect Warrior. Whereas most Eldar who take up arms do so in times of great crisis as the militia known as Guardians, those who walk the Path of the Warrior embrace the art of war fully, devoting their every breath to the pursuit of military perfection.
Those who attend the shrine of the Dire Avengers are the manifestation of the noble warrior, showing no mercy to their foes and tirelessly devoting themselves to their people. When not at war or embarked upon missions, the Dire Avengers spend much of their time at their Aspect Shrine, meditating upon battle, studying the tactics and strategies of their ancestors, and practicing their skills at arms. The ritual masks and armour that Aspect Warriors wear set them apart as the elite soldiers of their race. Although they are rarely encountered beyond their Craftworld, the Dire Avengers are nonetheless the most commonly encountered Eldar Aspect Warriors, for they are skilled and adaptable troops deployed to deal with any external threats. It is to the Dire Avengers that the Farseers turn for the most important missions. When an ancient Eldar relic needs to be recovered or an abandoned Webway portal needs to be defended, Dire Avengers are often sent to carry out the task. When a human or Ork colony is discovered upon a Maiden World, Dire Avengers are sent to clear the trespassers. On those occasions when a Farseer has need to meet with agents of the Imperium of Man, it is the Dire Avengers who accompany him as an honour guard.
  • The Sable Helm Shrine - As befits the name of their shrine, warriors of the Sable Helm are instantly recognisable by their black helmets.
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So why chose the Sable Helm? Well to begin with they are mentioned in the Valedor warzone book, so this Shrine is definitely on Iyanden (good start so far!).
Second reason is their colour palate. Above is an example of the colour scheme of the Sable Helms. As you can see they have Black Helms and a stunning Yellow plume which will stand out among the Iyanden Troops but still match. I just need a Exarch name and these guys will be good to go. 

So what to do you think? Do you paint your Shrines to match an existing one or have you made your shrine? Drop me a comment below and let me know.