John here with another update on my Dire Avengers Shrine: The Sable Helm. Now if you haven't read the earlier parts go see them (Stripping & Shrine). So today's update is all about the bases and showing off the colour scheme on a model. So lets get started.
Sable Helm Icon

For this project I started off with 15 fleshly stripped, 25mm bases. Basically the ones with models. I also had a sheet of cork tiling, broken into roughly stone shapes. PVA glue and some brown paint. The corking, pva and paint all came from a dollar store (costing less than $5) and I have enough supplies now for my entire army.

As far as basing goes it's pretty straight forward:

  1. Pick pieces of cork for your 15 bases.
  2. Stick them on the base with PVA glue.
  3. Once dried, paint them brown.
  4. Finished....for now.
For my own project I'm going for a ruined landscape feel, either a rocky world or world of ruins (think Osgiliath). But this also works well for concrete or lava rocks or swamp basing.

So here are the basic bases. So all I need to do is finish them and stick the guardians on.
Whilst these ones (with the gaps) are for the metal Avengers. The idea being I can use the tabs for extra support!
I feel they work well. Just need to put some filler in to smooth them out.

Test Model

So now onto the test model. I choose the Exarch as a test model, as he had the most opportunity for colours. Having now took photographs of the model, I see I need to do some more white highlighting and another highlight on the yellow plume. But I'm liking how the base looks and can see real potential.

So what do you think? Let me know below and hopefully I can get a squad finished by tonight.