Here's the results after using a Q-tip to wipe off the excess oil wash.  I waited about 6 hours after applying it and took a q-tip to each model (both ends, one per model) and wiped away as much of the wash as I could.  I had to be a bit careful on any sharp bits so they didn't catch on the cotton, but for the most part I was wiping away everything on the flat surfaces.  In the end all that is left is what was in the recesses and you don't need to do much highlighting.  I'm pretty happy with these guys, and they could be left as is, or if I have time I could add some edge highlights.  They'll definitely need a matte spray finish, but I'll do that after I do their bases with some sand finish.

I wish I had made the highlights a bit more pronounced with the airbrush, so that's a note for next time.

This is before



After (he'll need some highlights on his helmet)

The whole squad after I finished