Welcome Dredd heads to the first Justice Department Restricted Tek Files. Not sure how many articles will be in this but I hope you enjoy. For this installment we look at the K-2000 Samurai Attack Suit and a Spy in the Sky camera.

K-2000 Samurai Ground Attack Suit
Justice Dept. Ordnance & Equipment. 
Tek-Division: Heavy duty ground attack armour - K-2000 Samurai Suit.
History: Initially brought in to combat the Necromagus Sabbat, during the dark times of Judgement Day, the heavily armoured war suit was designed to be able to drop straight in to combat situations, via parachute.
  1. Visor (laminated plasteel with holo-grapic heads-up display)
  2. Helmet (blastproof Droxon)
  3. Sensor array
  4. Retractable targeting monocle
  5. Feeder tube (delivers high energy nutrition)
  6. Communications system
  7. Tactical computer
  8. Shock absorbing padding
  9. Life support system
  10. Fire protection system
  11. Cooling system
  12. Powered exoskeleton chassis
  13. Drogue chute
  14. Retro thrusters
  15. Medical pack
  16. Biological/chemical weapons sensor
  17. Reinforced Kevlar-titanium body armour
  18. K-2000 Lawgiver sidearm
  19. Retractable machete
  20. Clashkilloff auto rifle
  21. Arm-mounted laser cannon
  22. Anti-rad undersuit and rad-meter
  23. Smoke grenade launcher
  24. Hi-ex grnade launcher
  25. Biomedical telemetry sensor
Spy in the Sky

Justice Dept. Support & Surveillance.

Tek-Division: Spy in the Sky satellite camera.

History: An essential part of Justice Department hardware-the “Spy-In-The-Sky” satellite camera,used extensively by PSU (Public Surveillance Unit) to hover and follow, usually at a discreet distance, a questionable vehicle or suspected ’perp’.

The “Spy-In-The-Sky” has many useful citizen-watching features:
  1. Viewfinder
  2. Transmitter
  3. Auto-focus
  4. Telephoto
  5. Anti-redeye lens
  6. Zoom lens
  7. Data pack
  8. Main drive
  9. Positional drive
  10. Battery
  11. Date/time recording
  12. Auto white balance
  13. Back light compensator
There you have it. I hope these articles help out with any roleplaying ideas you have, Let me know if you enjoy these articles by dropping me a comment below. Or better let hit follow :)