Hey everyone this is a beer I reviewed last year. Hailing from Quebec, this beer is by Brasseurs RJ and is called Death Valley. The label really inspires images of Death Valley and has a creepy ass Vulture taking center stage. I fear this vulture is about to leap off the branch and eat my liver.


Name: Death Valley
Style: Imperial IPA
Brewery: Brasseurs RJ (http://www.brasseursrj.com/)
Country: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Price: $5.60 CAD 750ml
ABV: 8%
Commercial Fluff:
"Hop lovers, rejoice! Here is Death Valley, an unfiltered dry-hopped ale with three varieties of hops: Bravo, Saaz and Amarillo. A celebration for your taste buds!"

Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a cloudy almost murky golden yellow in colour. Settles with a thick looking whitehead.
Aroma: Good bold citrus aroma hit straight away, followed by spicy pepper notes which I can only assume is from the Saaz.
Taste: A strong bitter orange strikes straight away. There is also a slight peppery sting/heat on the tongue. The bitterness does linger afterwards.
Would I buy it again? Yes. Sadly it was one of the last bottles in stock when I bought it. But would definitely have it again and hope to find more of this brewery.

This was a great beer. Having shared it with @nonabakes we both agreed it was a great representation of an Imperial IPA. The Saaz really brings some character to this beer, reminding me of some German/Czech beers I've have tried over the years.

So far I feel that Quebec breweries are really out shining their Ontario brothers. There is something about the way Quebec beers taste that remind me more of European breweries. They also seem more willing to experiment and do more out there styles, whilst the Ontario beer scene seems to be a bit behind.

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