Welcome Dredd heads. Time for a follow up article to the K.Cattrall Fishman Post. This post will be the actual gang and their stats. I plan on facing these guys off against the Monkey Gang soon so watch this space. So without further ado here is The Fighting Fish:

Arlong is the leader of The Fighting Fish tribe. Angered at being left behind by his brethren and losing the psychic link with them. Arlong is now leading the survivors from the old Tuna Sump Refinery in Sector 102. Able to call upon psychic abilities and razor sharp claws, Arlong is a force to be reckoned with.

Hatchan may not be the fastest or the smartest. But what he lacks in these, he makes up for with brute force. Hatchan is the anvil of gang and is always first to enter the fray.

Chew and Tansui are a rare fishman combo, being twins. These fishmen enjoy nothing more than luring their victims into a trap. As one acts as bait the other sneaks around and flanks the poor fool.

Sapi and Big Pan, are nothing more than fierce bloodhounds. Sapi being a eel like creature slips and slides through the smallest gaps, while Big Pan has a head of a lion and the teeth to match!

There we go 500 credits of Fishmen, I feel this gang will be brutal in close combat. But they lack any range weaponry, so will have to make the most of cover. But in the comics they lacked guns so I don't want to mess with that. I hope the leader will level up quick to gain more psy powers.

It will be interesting to see them going up against the Monkey Gang, who have a lot of guns. But in the comics they lacked guns so I don't want to mess with that.
Can anyone guess where the names come from?