++ Sector House 102 Briefing ++
++ Overdrive Inc. ++

"All Judges be aware that a representative from Luna-1's Overdrive Inc. is active in this Sector. He is looking for volunteers to join their Luna workforce. His bodyguard is licensed to carry a weapon. If you see them out and about keep a watchful eye on them"

Overdrive Inc. Story Notes:

Overdrive Inc., a company which amongst other things owned all the oxygen manufactured on Luna 1. Overdrive secretly went into partnership with Judge Carolyn Bachmann, head of the Justice Department's Black-Ops division, who illegally channelled them Justice Department funds, and they developed a plan to secretly build a giant floating city (Luna 2) on a crater of the Moon. Bachmann intended to conquer Mega-City One with the aid of a fake religion she had invented (Simpology) and then move Luna 2 into position above it, an overcity for her elite while the original city would be inhabited by those she considered unworthy. But first they needed a workforce and here enters the Overdrive Inc. Representatives
Overdrive Inc. Representative

Credits: 30
Type: Infantry Minion.
Move: 5" Agility: +0 Shoot: +0 Melee: +0 Melee Dice: 2D Will: +1 Armour: +0 Hits: 1
Weapons: Umbrella (count as Club) can spend upto 50 credits on additional gear/weapons/armour.


Credits: 145
Type: Infantry Minion
Move: 4" Agility: +0 Shoot: +2 Melee: +1 Melee Dice: 3D Will: +3 Armour: +0 Hits: 2
Weapons: Electro-prod, Spit-gun, Pad Armour, Medi-Kit.
Rules: Bodyguard- As long as he is within 1" of the Overdrive Representative, any shooting attacks aimed at the Overdrive Inc. Rep will be redirected towards the bodyguard instead.

This is just the beginning of Overdrive Inc. I hope to build their CEO as well as more employees so watch this space. There will also be Simps and Judges who have ties to this crazy organisation.