It was the beginning of this month when last I blogged, and that wasn't about my endeavours in the hobby, but about a poor lady attacked and disbelieved. I haven't really had the opportunitysince then. One weekend I drove up to visit a friend I haven't seen for some years, who lives near Glasgow. The next weekend I went down to Leighton Buzzard to see two more friends I hadn't seen in a while, albeit more recently! Lovely occasions both, but they have rather eaten into hobby time. Even more distracting has been what I had thought would be a great birthday present for Dad - the railways set-up I posted at the end of February. I was wrong. It wasn't a great present. It was the best present ever! If I went in for multiple exclamation marks, they would be here.

That circuit itself hasn't been used much so far, but it crucially inspired him to resurrect and adapt his old railway set-up. As a result, I have been applying my modelling nous to that work. It's rather fun, and is far from finished yet. I've been making loads for the wagons, painting signs for the stations, and assembling and converting buildings for the area around the railway proper, and plenty of other work, too. The best thing about it is how happy and enthused Dad clearly is.