Welcome drinkers to this rainy Sunday night here in Ottawa. Today we are looking back to a great beer I had about this time last year- according to the notebook, it it shocking how badly behind I am in blogging my notes. This beer as far as I know can't be found in Canada, so prices are from the UK. It's a beer brewed by the legend Mikkeller, who I really wish I could find more beer in this country. The beer of topic though is his Nelson Sauvignon, so let's get going.


Name: Nelson Sauvignon
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Gypsy Brewery: Mikkeller (link)
Country: Denmark
Price: £16 for a 75cl bottle
ABV: 9%

Commercial Fluff:
Nelson Sauvignon is a New Year beer fermented with ale yeast, brettanomyces and enzymes. Then it has been aged three months in Austrian white wine casks. Very dry, very vinous and very delicious.
Own Opinion

Sight: Once you pop the cork you are greeted by a hazy orange pour, with a huge lively white head. The head of foam collapses quickly reminding me of champagne. Looks great though.
Aroma: Straight away you get the farm yard smell; which I now know is from the brett. There is also a clear grape aroma fighting through too.
Taste: Here my notes start with the word 'great' but soon expand with grapefruit and peach flavours, it smooth, crisp and fruity sweet. But finishes with a dry bitter mouthfeel.
Would I buy it again? Yes if I could find it!

Another great beer from one of the best brewers currently out there. Yes it was an expensive beer, but as a treat it is definitely worth it. Would I import it to Canada though? The answer here would have to be no. But if your Europe then it may well be worth sneaking one in your luggage home. The beer was packed full of flavours and had great depth, I really hope some of the Ontario brewers follow this example and start playing with wine aged, bretted beers (fingers crossed).

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