The other day I entered the Contest of Night that author Josh Reynolds was holding on his website with his recent Realmgate Wars book: 'Mortarch of Night' as the prize. As I have decided to finally take the plunge into Age of Sigmar I thought I might as well enter and get myself a free signed book. 

I was therefore delighted to discover that Josh really liked my miniature and selected it as the winning entry for the contest! You can see the post announcing me as the winner here on his blog: Hunting Monsters. This was quite the nice surprise for me after a series of minor life mishaps and I really look forward to reading this book and delving deeper into the Age of Sigmar. 

Enthused by this win I hope to finally get around to finishing writing my review of 'Bladestorm' by Gav Thorpe and finally get a few photos of Age of Sigmar miniatures onto the blog. For now though I will leave you with a picture of my winning entry with some small commentaries on the model.

Agengrim One-Eye of Gravenport - Bishop of the Church of Nagash's Hand

My goal with this necromancer to accompany my Flesh-Eater Court was to have him partially emulate Nagash; not so much as to be a true Mini-Me like Arkhan but at least evoke the imagery. Thus he gained a mitre and skeletal tentacles made from Tomb Scorpion legs as well as being painted in the same colours as my Nagash. He also gained a rotting hand rather than a crown as an allusion to the infamous Claw of Nagash which Alcadizaar severed from the Great Necromancer at the height of his pre-End Times power. 

As I had no spare spirits to have swirling around my necromancer but still wanted him to have a book. I ended up taking the book from the Mortis Engine and found out some squatting Tomb King legs so as to create a skeleton holding a book for his master: hunched over and straining from the effort. This is my favourite part of the model which was ultimately the bit that Josh liked the most and on the captions of the pictures on his website he christened the suffering skeleton Frank. A name I think will surely stick!

Overall I really enjoyed converting and painting this model which I hope shall set the tone and standard for my upcoming army. I was quite flattered that Josh liked my work and I would like to thank him once again for choosing the Bishop Agengrim One-Eye as his favourite entry.