Some new releases from Steamforged Games...
Veteran Graves (30mm) - Player
£8.95  $14.99  €12.95  $21.99 (AUD)
Haunted and brooding, Veteran Graves is a melancholy figure, coming to the Guild Ball Pitch surrounded by swarms of rats.
Vileswarm (40mm) - Mascot
£8.95  $14.99  €12.95  $21.99 (AUD)
A vicious, chittering horde of rats that swarms across the Pitch, the Vileswarm brings a new level of horror to Guild Ball.
    Mother (40mm) includes 3 Nest Markers (3 x30mm) - Mascot
    £13.45  $21.99  €18.95  $31.99 (AUD)

    A creeping mass of tiny arachnids serve as a precursor to their mechanical Mother, as she covers the Pitch with her nests.
    Quaff (40mm) - Mascot
    £8.95  $14.99  €12.95  $21.99 (AUD)
    Quaff is a lovable, dedicated, faithful hound, following his Brewer’s Guild masters around and keeping them well topped-off!
    Wrecker (40mm) - Mascot
    £8.95  $14.99  €12.95  $21.99 (AUD)
    Wrecker rolls into action for the Masons team, bashing enemy models aside with his armoured bulk!