Nick speaking,

Welcome to my challenge of painting my entire Dark Eldar army in one month! There is over two thousand points to paint and I don't own an airbrush, so the challenge is really on! After one weeks worth of painting of an average of five hours a day, my week one objective is all done. Dry brush the models and paint some spot armour plates with Orange. I based the plates with Jokaero Orange first before doing a couple of coats of the Troll Slayer to keep it all smooth. Finally, I gave everything a wash of Fuegan Orange, which took me seven hours by itself! Heres a few pictures of the work, before I have a chat about how the challenge went!

As you can see from the last picture, I broke the army down into four separate chunks, and that really helped me out. I was able to get one board out at a time, and just focus on that board as a target. The bite size painting stopped me looking at the whole army and being overwhelmed! Of course, this is just the start! In week two I aim to get all the skin and hair painted, which I feel like will be the most time consuming parts of the project!