Nick speaking,

Welcome back to my challenge of painting my entire Dark Eldar army in one month! After a great start in week one where I got all the orange colours down. It was time to look at doing the hair and skin on my two thousand points Dark Eldar army. I already knew how I was going to paint the skin, light grey with a purple wash and then highlighting it back up with the grey, but I needed some inspiration for my hair colour, and some fluff for the army too!

As a massive Star Trek fan, the old styled Kabalite Warriors I have really remind me of the Kazon from Voyager, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate a bit of their fluff story into mine and paint my armies hair like one of their sects! I started with a base of dark green and washed it black, then I sponged on some brown and lighter green in a sort of stipple effect. Not exactly the same, but good enough for me. Once I had the scheme locked and loaded I spent the rest of the week painting that and finishing the skin on the whole army...

Week three is next, where I will be painting all the weapons and spikes in a bone colour, and hope to make a start on some freehand.